Getting to Know These Data Recovery Tools

Nowadays, computer plays a key role in the life of the people on this planet. Without a computer, it seems that people are just incapable of doing what they are actually supposed to do. There are not few people out there that actually save their very important information in the form of data. But then again, what if they happen to lose their data? Will they simply be left with no option at all whatsoever? Fortunately enough, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, there is one thing in particular that the people can actually do, which is, to perform recovery of their data. To do that, they need to choose one of the many data recovery tools available out there.

CD Recovery Toolbox

To begin with, there is the CD Recovery Toolbox. This tool should be a very ideal answer for those who are looking to recover the data they lose on an optical disc. As its name implies, this tool works best for recovering data from a CD or DVD.


If the data is not lost on a CD or DVD, then people may as well consider using the Restoration software. The good thing about this software is that it needs no installation at all since it is designed to be a portable piece of computer programs. Available in a small file size, this tool is offered completely free of charge.

Pandora Recovery

If people have quite a few storage devices connected to their computer, the Pandora Recovery tool may suit them best. It is highly capable of scanning not only the local hard drives of a computer but also any storage devices connected to the PC. Pandora Recovery comes with a standard scanning feature in addition to an advanced surface scanning feature. The tool should have no problems running on Windows 2000 to Windows 7. For Windows 8 or 8.1 users, however, there is no official confirmation just yet.


The ADRC is a data recovery tool that is actually pretty simple to use. Just like the Restoration software mentioned above, the ADRC is also portable, with a total file size of just 132 KB. Taking that into account, users do not always have to put it on their computer but they can also copy the tool onto their removable media as well so that they can take the tool with them wherever they go. The ADRC is capable of helping people recover the files or data they have lost on either the local hard drive of their computer or any external storage media, just like DVD or CD.